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Figured I’d give you all a break and post something other than my pics today. 😛

Towards an Uncertain Future by Marco Gaiotti at Earthshots.org – you can almost feel the polar bear’s loneliness, no? Sadly it looks like he does not have a website. 😦

Lightening by Brent Davis at Eartshots.org – looks surreal!  He also has a cool photo folder at his site called Tiny Planets. Like folded pictures – really neat! Dawn has some cool stuff in her folders as well. Nice!

Silent Morning by Marco Calandra – these are always so neat! Check out his site too, he’s got a truly diverse portfolio.:)

Nenagh Castle by Ed Mooney – by looking through the windows, it feels like this is a castle in the sky! He has lots of lovely black and white photography.

Have a great day!