Picture Kaleidoscope 3/16/11


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Even though I was totally out of commission for most of last week, I did manage to get a few pictures before I succumbed to the evil cold.  (This is also the first time I’m doing this type of blog post from the new fandangled multi loader so should be exciting how much I have to fix before you all see it! Hah!)

The flowers from the red tree in the back yard last but maybe a week. Got lucky and actually got a couple of shots of them this year.

Hubby helped out a friend in clearing out a shed from an older lady who was about to go into an assited living facility. It seems they were big proponents back in the day of having extra food and stuff in case of the apocalypse. I got the friend to send me a couple of pics as these are not things you see everyday! Thought I’d share them with you.

Look at the size of that can! John said they weighed a ton. Six to a box. And they had a whole shed full. Perma-Pak, baby!

And while I huddled in my chair, hoping to sleep away or immobilize my cold, a beautiful and unexpected picture moment appeared! Matt, Drew, and their puppy child, Serenity. Adorable!!!! (Just don’t tell them! I’ll be killed! :P)

Picture Kaleidoscope 3/9/11


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I was actually quite surprised by a couple of pics I took in the last two weeks. I’d figured the sky was done giving me fabulous views since the sun was rising earlier than before. I was wrong…

Case in point…

Crispin Freeman shared a gorgeous photo of the Japanese Gardens in Balboa Park in Los Angeles, CA. Look at the blue!

This one is another cool view, which he entitled Floating Like A Lily Pad.

His third is of a Sakura Tree in bloom. Very nice!

I got this one from one of the vendors at the DFW Writers Conference. A Tiara Cap! Makes me wish I wore hats! lol.









From the Cassini Saturn Mission comes this super cool pic – Beyond Southern Rhea Like a globe sitting on a table. WOW.

Beth Riesgraph shares this amazing pic of way too much snow and ice. Read the Warning Sign in the back. 😛

And to wrap up this week’s set of pics, I’ll leave you with this colorful beauty!

Mind Sieve 3/7/11


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Welcome to another installment of Mind Sieve. Some great stuff to share with you all this week!
Also stirring up the format. What I had before caused a problem, so let’s see if this works better. 😛

Fan Fun

New Thunder Cats series! Article by Marc Bernardin over at io9.com – There’s a preview video here! Looks like it might be more serious/grown-up than the original. Looking forward to see what they do with it.

Shared by Rachel Caine is GameView – a fake gaming blog by her friend Glenn. The Half-Life’s Gordon Freeman speaks out entry is pretty cute. 🙂

Rob Thurman has a Cal Leandros Series Book Trailer at her website. Pretty snazzi! She’s even got a widget! Dang. I want one for mys stuff! lol.

Social Media

Kristen Lamb’s Twitter Tuesday post #7 – where she covers the pros and cons of auto reply DM’s.

Nathan Bradford talks about How to Get Started on Facebook for authors. I’d already done most of what he mentions, and like him, was very excited once I realized the power of a Book Page.

Writing Advice

Chuck Wendig shared a link to this post from the National Association of Writers in Education called New Skills For Writers where they explore how the jobs of writers may be expanding.

Shared by Kristen Lamb this blog post comes from Writer Unbox and was written by Donal Maas – What Are You Afraid Of explores why some novels don’t go quite far enough.

Kristen Lamb shared a link to a post by Jody Hedlund – Enduring the Pain in the Quest for Publication. Some good tips to keep in mind on the long arduous journey!

Chuck Wendig dug deep and brought up the following – How Not To Starve And Die As A Writer. Some good questions and pointers here folks!

If you’ve ever been curious about the glamorous life of an intern at an agency, here’s you chance to catch a glimpse. The Knight Agency’s New Intern – how Whitney got there and the truths about slush piles.

Kristen Lamb talks about the beginning of your novel in her post “In The Beginning” Part One – Normal World.

That should keep you all busy for a bit. heh heh heh.

Have an awesome week!

Ladies of Trade Town Anthology Release and Party!


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Coming in June 2011 From HarpHaven Publishing


Cover Art and Design by Melanie Fletcher

An anthology of original science fiction, fantasy, and related genre short fiction on the world’s oldest profession

Gala Book Launch at A-Kon 22.


Thanks to the good folks at A-Kon, The Ladies of Trade Town will celebrate its official debut in high style.. Among the festivities being hosted by the convention, and featuring as many of the contributors as we can gather together, are:


A “Meet The Ladies & Gentlemen Of Trade Town” Panel

A Mass Autographing Event

The Ladies Of Trade Town Launch Party

A-Kon 22 will take place June 10 – 12, 2011 at the Sheraton Dallas (formerly the Adams Mark) in downtown Dallas. All Book Launch events are scheduled for Saturday, June 12, with the panel and mass autographing on Saturday afternoon (time and location to be announced), and the Launch Party scheduled for 7:00 pm in function space on the 38th floor of the Sheraton. Further details as we have them.



Trade Town Table of Contents Announced

“Introduction” by Elizabeth Moon

“Call Me Madam” (Editor’s Introduction) by Lee Martindale

“The Ballad of Eskimo Nell Revisted Or John Henry Was A Piston-Driving Man” by Jim Reader

“First Fruits” by Merlyn Finn

“Dreams of Blood and Milk” by Mary A. Turzillo

“What A Man Wants” by Cecilia Tan

“A Touch of Ginger” by Melanie Fletcher

“The Queen of Knaves” by Tracy S. Morrist

“In The House of Allures” by Rob Chilson

“Silk and Steam” by Brandie Tarvin

“Art” by Gloria Oliver (Bwahahaha)

“Do Unto Others” by Rebecca McFarland Kyle

“Duty Free” by Mark W. Tiedemann

“At Mother Laurie’s House of Bliss” by Catherine Lundoff

“The Lady of Trade Town” by Lee Martindale

“The Last Virgin” by Jana Oliver

“The Oldest Profession?” by Melinda LaFevers

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