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Sadly, it looks like I have definitely reached the maximum on pics space at wordpress.com so no more photos. 😦

But you can see them over at blog.gloriaoliver.com – (I have a blogger mirror blog)

Since I have unlimited space at my domain, I will be biting the bullet and creating a wordpress.org blog at my site. (Hadn’t done it before since it overwrites your main site.) (I did find out how to do it on a subfolder level when helping someone else with their stuff, but it did take some doing. On the upside, now that there are themes in responsive formats, it will make all of my site easier for people to view on their phones! So it looks like it’s time…)

Just need to find the hours to make it all happen in one fell swoopp. lol.  So hopefully in a month or so. (Maybe less!)

Please bear with me and I apologize for any inconvenience!

I’ll still post here until then, and do links back to blogger, just no pictures. 😦

Have an awesome day!