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Another Monday is upon us!

Fan Fun

Jessica Jones Official Trailer – damn, this is going to be a dark one! Eek!

Star Wars: the Force Awakens Official Trailer – okay… looks awesome, but I am also confused. How much of cannon has been changed? Eek!

LIFE Official Trailer – Interesting!

Author Platform/Social Media

How to Get More Out of Google+ With Circles by Kristi Hines at the Social Media Examiner.

Instagram Images: How to Stand Out on Instagram by Michael Stelzner at the Social Media Examiner. Podcast with Peg Fitzpatrick but a lot of the info is on the blog post as well. 🙂

Writing Advice

Three Reasons Your Writing Writing Career is Stuck by Kristen Lamb – more writerly truths!

Writing Diversity: How Can We Avoid Issues? by Jami Gold.