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Morning all!

Feeling super sleepy today.

Elegant Form by Linn Smith at Earthshots.org. Elegant is right! What a lovely shot!

Glowing Coast by Adam Woodworth at Earthshots.org.  Gorgeous! He has more beautiful pics at his site and even tutorials!

Hidden Lake by Ryan Buchanan at Earthshots.org Lovely! Seems almost surreal, no? He has other gems at his website as well. 🙂

The Beautiful Architecture of India’s Ancient Stepwells by Michael Zhang at Petapixel.  Photography by Victoria Lautman. Make sure to use the link, some of the pics are just mind boggling. The time and detail people took in creating these wells. Dang!

This Amazing High-Res View of Pluto Was Made Using 26 New NASA Photos by Michael Zhang at Petapixel. Compiled by Daniel Machacek. How cool!

Have a fab Wednesday!