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I am feeling lucky today. Let’s see if I can get a full Mind Sieve post out today… Heh heh

Fan Fun

Deadpool Teaser Trailer – Oh my!

Queen of the Desert Official Trailer – looks fascinating!

Sherlock Series 4 Promo #2 – Moriarty is BACK?!?!?!

The Last Witch Hunter New Official Trailer – looks fab! Can’t wait!

Author Platform/Social Media

How to Create a Promoted Pin Campaign on a Budget by Wade Harman at The Social Media Examiner.

How to Host and Promote a Twitter Chat by Aaron Lee at The Social Media Examiner.

Writing Advice

Are You Dreaming or Doing? by Jami Gold.

Flawed Characters vs. Too Dumb to Live—What’s the Difference? by Kristen Lamb.

Woohoo! I actually made it! YES! But can I do it again?!?! Eek!