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Let the Sun Shine by Gilad Mass at Earthshots.org I like the solitary emphasis on the one sunflower. 🙂

Gilad Mass has more nature, abstracts, and macro photos at his site. Lovely work!

Had to share one more from Gilad Mass. Quite a diverse portfolio.

Nauset Galactic by Timothy Little at Earthshots.org  Love the composition of our light (from the lighthouse) adding to the Universe’s light. 🙂 He also has a diverse portfolio, so go take a look.

Starry Photos of Glowworms in Limestone Caves article by Michael Zhang at PetaPixel. Photography by Joseph Michael. How cool are these? Nice!

Joseph Michael also has a lot of other cool photography at his site. This one comes from the “While You Were Sleeping” album.

Have a great day!