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Morning all~!

Can you believe it is DECEMBER? I find it totally mind boggling. 2014 zoomed past.

October Tree by Matt Anderson at Earthshots.org The stars just pop out at you!

Matt Anderson Photography: Cover Slide Show &emdash; Winter Tree #7 by Matt Anderson

Here’s another fantastic shot by Anderson. So lonely, no? Winter Tree #7

Matt Anderson Photography: Cover Slide Show &emdash; Matt-Anderson-Photography-DSC_9337_1500px

He’s got all sorts of awesome photos. Look at this one! Taken at Devil Lake State Park.  Prints of all sizes for sale.

Sleepy Eyes by Morkel Erasmus at Earthshots.org – love the weird, grainy quality of the black and white. He’s got a ton of cool animal pics at his site to oooh and aaaah over. 🙂

Fire Water by Eric Temple at Earthshots.org The colors are fabulous! Almost looks like a microorganism. He’s got a ton of lovely landscapes at his site to drool over.

Have an awesome Wednesday!