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Happy Labor Day!

Fan Fun


The Two Faces of January Official Trailer #1 – looks super suspenseful.


Bird People Official Trailer – starts average then ramps up with the birds! Could be cool.


Outcast Trailer 1 – Booyah! Pumped for this one!


Seventh Son Trailer 2 – this looks fun!


Author Platform/Social Media

How to Get Started With Visual Content Marketing from the SocialMedia Examiner – article by Donna Moritz.


I made this with Canda (who are mentioned in the article) and my own pic. Hee! (I might have to keep it! Bwahahahahahaha!)


Writing Advice


Cure for Perfectionism: 10 Tips to Perfect Imperfection for Writers by Beth Barany. Hmmmm, I do some of these. Who knew? lol!


The Writer and Depression by Chuck (NSFW) Wendig. Great advice!


Hope you have a wonderful day!