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Half the week is almost over and ArmadilloCon lays in the horizon. Woot!



From PetaPixel – These Beautiful, High-Contrast, Black & White Street Photos Are A Testament To Great Composition by Gannon Burgett. Photography by Mahmoud Merjan.



These Women’s Portraits Make Use of Emotion and Environment by Alyson Wyers. Photography by  Alessio Albi



Fell in love with this one at Alessio Albi’s site – Rebecca. Nice! Lots of gorgeous work! 



Photographer Brings Back The Glory Of Old US Locomotives by Udi Tirosh. Photography by Matthew Malkiewicz




Totally love this one too. Mr. Malkiewicz does incredible work. (I have a friend who LOVES trains. Had to instantly send an email. Heh heh.)



May your day be filled with awesome sights!