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Know what happens when you leave your phone at home? No wordpress authenticator! Nooooo! So, uhm, this is like late. (Worked super late at work today. Waaahh!)


Morning! (NOT~!)

Aurora Ice Caves by Bill Cady at Earthshots.org Almost looks like a curtain for the cave!

Bill Cady has some lovely panoramic shots as well as a plethora of other photos. Nice work!

Symphony of Sunset by John Fan at Earthshots.org. Very cool play with the light. Lots of cool nature photography and more at this site.

American Museum of Natural History Starts Digitizing, Makes 7,000 Photos Available To The Public – article by Gannon Burget at PetaPixel.com

Photoshopped Portraits Paint a Creepy and Cuddly Picture of Infamous World Leaders by Gannon Burget. Photos by Chunlong Sun. What a bizarre concept!

See you next time!