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Akemashite omedettou! Happy New Year!

Looks like 2014 is the Year of the Horse! May we all trot along at a nice pace. 😛

Iron World by Joshua Zhang at Earthshots.org. Quite majestic!

Joshua Zhang has even more awesome work at his site. Oooo! He calls this one – Another World. You can also find him on FB.

Moon Over Nubble by Michael A Blanchette at Eathshots,org. It almost doesn’t look real, does it? Like it’s a photo pf miniatures. 😛

Here’s more of Michael A Blanchette’s wonderful work. Love how the flowers match the sky!

These Vintage New Year’s Celebration Photos Probably Trump Yours – article by Chris Gampat at PetaPixel. Several of the pics are absolutely fascinating!

Hope you and yours have an awesome New Year!