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I can’t believe 2013 is almost OVER! Dang…

Fan Fun

This guy was just in the 47 Ronin. I’d thought he was wearing makeup, but it’s the other way. Eek! (But this vid is cool!)

A Sherlock Mini Episode! Woot!

Transcendence Trailer 1 – SF – Gave me chills!  Looks awesome!

The Best Offer Trailer – this looks FANTASTIC!

Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond – BBC America series trailer. This looks fun!

Author Platform/Social Media

26 Ways to Make Pinterest Work for Your Business by Debbie Hemley. Some of these are fabulous suggestion! Now to work out how to use a couple of these. 😛


How to Customize Your Social Share Buttons for Increased Traffic by Angie Pascale. Holy molly, need to do this too. If I can scrounge up a couple of hours of my life for it. Ugh. (Need a clone!)

Writing Advice

Nice post from Jami Gold about writing – Are You Waiting For Permission?


What It Takes: Never Hold Your Best Stuff by Shawn Coyne.


Hope you have a great Monday (I know I’ll be going to work kicking and screaming. :P)