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Thanksgiving Eve!

Having dreams of the food yet? Heh heh.

Won’t torment you with my stuff this week so you’ll have at least one thing to be thankful for. 😛

Village Chief by David Lazar at Earthshots.org

Love the colors and composition, but utterly love his expression. 🙂

David’s site is pretty cool. He’s got photographs from all over.

The Matron by Alex Chamberlain at Earthshots.org.

There’s something incredibly relaxing about this shot.

Looks like Alex is part of Blue Desert Digital. They do 3D visualization as well as Multimedia Production. Pretty cool!

I thought the promo pic for the time lapsed video associated with this work pretty cool! If you have time, go check out the video. From PetaPixel – Hyperlapse Captures Four Graffiti Artists Covering An Entire Warehouse.

Also from PetaPixel – Creative Photos of Figurines Going About Their Miniature Lives in Our Big World – article by DL Cade. Photography by Kurt and Edwige Moses.

These are just too cool! They have a bunch more at Un Petit Monde

May you have a Happy Thanksgiving!