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And it’s a new week! Brrrroom!

Fan Fun

American Hustle Trailer – looks funky but lots of great names in this one.

Lone Survivor Trailer – more great names

Stumbled over this one – Aurora Official Kickstarter Teaser Trailer 1 – looks interesting

Cool little video compressing Curiosity’s Martian Journey into 2 minutes. You can walk around Mars with this! Heh heh. Full story from ABC

Author Platform/Social Media

FaceBook Embedded Posts – This Week in Social Media from The Social Media Examiner – article by Cindy King

26 Tips to Enhance Your Social Media Profile from The Social Media Examiner – article by Debbie Hemley

Writing Advice

From Chuck (NSFW) Wendig – Ten Thoughts On Story. Great kernels all over the place.

Learning To Drop The Donkey – Is Perfectionism Killing Your Career? from Kristen Lamb. Lots of food for thought.

For more awesome reading, Gene Lempp once more has a tone of resources listed on Writing Resources 03 August 2013.
Have a GREAT week!