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Fan Fun

Last Vegas Trailer #2 – this looks hilarious!


Only God Forgives Trailer #3 – I believe this may have just been released. Looks interesting – a surreal mafia movie.


Austenland Trailer – this looks like a hoot! lol.


The Fifth Estate – Benedict Cumberbatch! Film about Wikileaks


ComicCon Trailer – Metallica Through the Never – looks funky!


There really is a Godzilla movie coming 2014! Listed at IMDB. Sweet.

Author Platform/Social Media

From Kristen Lamb – The Power of Facebook, Friendship & Why We Shouldn’t Use A Nail Gun To Slice a Pot Roast.


9 Creative Ways to Use Social Media to Launch a Product by Michael Stelzner at Social Media Examiner. (Some of these can definitely be used for books! Ooo! Need me a plan for “Jewel of the Gods” for next year! Woot!

Writing Advice

From Jami Gold – 5-1/2 Steps For Making Feedback Work For Us. Good stuff!

The Single Largest Cause of Writer’s Block Might Not Be What You Believe from Kristen Lamb.

Writing Resources 20 July 2013 from Gene Lempp.


Hope your Monday ROCKS!