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Another week and more fun to unveil! Yeah!

Fan Fun

(Kind of mental – but cute!) – Game of Thrones to the Friends theme (Possible Spoilers)

Star Trek Into Darkness clip – “I Allow It” Oh Cumberbatch is going to be so good in this. YES!

What if Pixar made a Star Trek Movie? Cool posters ala Pixar on a cool “What If?”

Pacific Rim Trailer 2 – Booyah!

Violet & Daisy Trailer 1 – it was too weird not to share. 😛

Walking With Dinosaurs 3D Trailer 1 – ooo! This could be awesome visually!

Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Trailer #2 – couldn’t remember if I shared this one or not. Cool to watch!

Author Platform/Social Media

26 Mobile Apps to Improve Your Business and Networking by Debbie Hemley from Social Media Examiner. (So many apps, so little time!) 😛

Why I Love Negative Reviews And How To Help Your Fellow Authors When They Get One by Melinda B Piece at the Writer’s Fun Zone.

Writing Advice

Handy Charts Reveal Why You’ve Never Heard of Most SF Female Authors by Annalee Newits from IO9.com (Waaaahhhhh!)

3 Tips For Better Story Telling from Jami Gold.
Didn’t get enough? Check out Gene Lempp’s Writing Resources list for 4/27/13. Eek!


Have a great day!