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Time for some fun~!

Fan Fun

Squee! Another Studio Ghibli film has made it over here! Just stumbled over it. Playing currently in several US cities! From Up On Poppy Hill. Squee!

Io9.com has a short article on this Live Action short film from Studio Ghibli. Oh my goodness! All the awesome miniature knowhow of the Godzilla films, with cool CGI, and more. It’s in Japanese, so skip to about 2:30 into it and prepare to be freaked. 😛 Giant God Warrior Appears In Tokyo. (May have been pulled from Youtube.) 😦

THOR: The Dark World Trailer 1 – Oooo! 

Kick-Ass 2 – You won’t recognize Jim Carrey! NFSW. Not for younger viewers. Have never seen a RED preview before. Huh.

From the History Blog – Hear My Voice. Alexander Graham Bell. Would be fun to see what he’d think of sound recording technology now. 🙂

Thallium – The Poisoner’s Poison from James J Murray. Cool info! Err for writers…

Author Platform/Social Media

Did Facebook Change Something? 5 Tips For Page Owners To “It’s All Good” guest post by Lisa Hall-Wilson at Gene Lempp’s blog.

Blog Tours: Waste of Time or Valuable Sales Tool? from The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing – post by Talli Rolland.

Writing Advice

The Reasons Behind The Writing – Why Do You Do It? from August Wainwright.

5 Tips For Finding A Competent And Compatible Critique Partner by Jody Hedlund.
See ya Wednesday!