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What will I find to share today? Hmmmm


The Treasury by Andrew Waddington at Earthshots.org. I’ve always been fascinated by Petra.

Waddington Photographic: Lakes and Mountains &emdash; Shiprock After Storm

His website – Waddington Photography – has some awesome shots!

How It Began by Matthew Feeser at Earthshots.org. I love these types of pics! (He got other nice pics at his site)

Galactic Canyon by Alex Noriega at Earthshots.org (I’m a sucker for these too!) 🙂 (And he’s got other cool photos at his site.)

Calvin And Hobbes Photoshopped Into Photographs Of Real Locations from PetaPixel. What fun!

Pictures From Above Show Playful Dreams of Children From DIY Photography.




Hope you have a great day!