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Fan Fun

Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser Trailer. Oh yeah!

Too Many Dwarves – The Hobbit Movie Clip.

Man Of Steel Official Poster! Ooooo!

Looks like Ender’s Game is really going to be made into a movie! Sweet! And with Harrison Ford! Booyah! News from Tor.com Set for Nov 2013!

Doctor’s Office – Neil Patrick Harris in Neil’s Puppet Dream – with Nathan Fillion! Too darn bizarre. lol.

Extracted – an SF Mystery film. Wasn’t too sure when I started watching the trailer, but by the end, I’m in!

Admission Official Trailer – could be cute!

Author Platform/Social Media

From Debut To Multi-Published : What I’ve Learned In My First Year as a Published Author by Roni Loren.

How Can We Brag Without Killing Our On-line Credibility by Kristen Lamb.

Writing Advice

An Exercise In Shutting Up The Inner Critic from Lyn Midnight.

In Which My Toddler Helps Me Think of “Character” in a New Way from Chuck (NSFW) Wendig. Too cute! And useful!


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