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It’s Monday! Run for your lives!

Fan Fun

Here Comes The Boom Trailer – looks funny and poignant. Also LOVED the Samsung commercial before the trailer went on.

Jack Reacher Trailer – looks like action action and bloody action. 😛

Lincoln Trailer – Oooo! This will be fun. Especially after as hubby and I hash it out, historically speaking. Bwahahahaha! (And it’s Spieldberg – I am so there!)

Wolverine 2 2013 Trailer. Don’t know if it’s for real, but this was really pretty cool.

Jack the Giant Killer Trailer – trailer says June 2012 but it’s now slated for March 2013. Could be fun!

Darth Vader Therapy – ROFL. Loved, loved, loved his pick up song. lol


Author Platform/Social Media

From Kristen Lamb – How “Personal” Should Writers Get On Social Media?

Building Your First Website: Resource List from Jane Friedman (Don’t know if I agree with Wiodpress being the way to go with a website, but I know enough to get in trouble on my own – a lot of people don’t. So this could work for them.)


Writing Advice

The High Bar Of Finding And Agent Or Publisher by Jami Gold. So sad, but so true. Sniff.

Ask A Writer About Building A Better Character by Chuck (NSFW) Wendig.

Is Monday still here? Darn… 😛