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Fan Fun

Iceland Volcano Eruption Timelapse – post by Tiffany M. Spiffy video with footage shot by Sean Stiegemeier.

This might be cute – Darling Companion movie preview.

Because we need more reasons to fear flying in planes – 7500. Heh heh heh

From Castle fan StixAnimated – The Blue Butterfly – Too cool!

The Amazing Spiderman Official Trailer – woot! Could be fun.

The Avengers – Extended Superbowl Spot. Can’t wait!

New Mirror, Mirror TV Spot – this one is going to be FUN. I don’t think it will have a serious bone in it’s body. heh heh.

The Volkswagon Peeps just have it going on. Make sure to watch PAST the dog part of the commercial. ROFL.

Designing from Bones – Deamons, Demons and Dramatic Struggle by Gene Lempp.

Author Platform/Social Media

Literary Agent Nephele Tempest discusses – Does a Writer Need a Blog? Ah the perpetual question!

From Kristen Lamb – Book Stores Are Closing And Amazon Is Expanding – Want A Sure Bet In An Uncertain Future?

Writing Advice


From Chuck (NSFW) Wendig – 25 Reasons That Writers Are Bug-F*** Nuts. (Yes, I edited the title. I don’t want to be NSFW! Heh heh.) After reading these 25 reasons I wonder if I should be more worried about myself. Hmmmm.


From Lisa Gail Green – Avoiding A Saggy Middle. Three easy steps! (Sort of. Heh heh)


Okay, looks like that’s it for this round. Have a great week!