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From Petapixel – Dreamlike Photo Manipulations of Earth and the Starry Night Sky.




From Behance – Illustrations by Raphael Vincenzi. This are pretty darn cool!



15 Images for 2011 by Camera 47.



From Pelfusion – 40 Creative & Catchy Typography Print Ads.




Art of Weislaw Walkuski – cool stuff!



Surrealist art from Beksinski.



The Girl Who Loves to Levitate – 14 photos by Alice.



Time-lapse of comet Lovejoy Rising Above the Andes Mountains by Stephane Guisard – article by Michael Zhang.  Pretty neat looking especially at the end.


Some artists names got bandied about a week plus ago and here’s another super cool one – Pablo Palomeque.



And another – Stephanie Pui-Mun Law.



John Picacio is also the BOMB!



Till next time!