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Let’s feed the eyes, shall we?







Our second falcon/hawk encounter. We were backing up out of the driveway. This time, he didn’t move, just kept an eye on us, so I was able to click this off. Could he be getting used to us/suburbia in general?



As you can see, the dawns have been quite colorful of late.



Tried some magnification here to give more sky, less black/land.


Now for stuff I’ve run across.


Jetty Park at Cape Canaveral by Tom Baker.


From NASA – A Brewing Underwater Volcano.




From NASA – First Low Altitude Pictures of the Asteroid Vesta.



This pic was genius! A Chtulu Christmas Tree. Hee!



Liquid Rose Shot With Food Coloring by Anthony Chang. This is quite cool!



At the Behance Network – Tales and Stories by Kinuko Y Craft. Loads of other great art at this page.



Transform Smoke Photographs With A Dash of Color from Petapixel.



From NASA – Ring of Fire.



From NASA – Orange and Blue Hazes from Titan.




At Behance – Dante’s Inferno – game trailer art. They’ve got the trailer there too. Pretty awesome looking.



See you next time! Enjoy!